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1/12/2011 Jamie Lynn & Jack Endino - Rare Acoustic Performance Inside The Volcom Bomb Shelter! [VIDEO]
Jamie Lynn & Jack Endino from Kandi Coded descend into the Volcom bomb shelter for a one-time-only and very rare acoustic performance of “Hide My Trac...  more>>
7/30/2010 See KANDI CODED With SONS OF MOTHERS & MORE At Chop Suey In Seattle AUG. 13TH!
...  more>>
3/30/2010 KANDI CODED's performance on FUEL's Daily Habit for Volcom Week posted online...
Check out Kandi Coded's performance of their new song, "Steve Seevers", from their new album, Fell For The Gift (get it on more>>

Kandi Coded - Fell For The Gift - LP
"BIG AND LOUD SEATTLE ROCK IS NOT DEAD!" Fell For The Gift, the new release from KANDI CODED, is a punchy rock record with a heavy-handed backbeat. Reflecting the sound of their Seattle roots, Fell For The Gift balances thoughtful, raspy, melodic vocal layers with big guitars that meld northwest grunge, classic skate-punk, metal and loud rock. KANDI CODED features snowboard legend Jamie Lynn and Seattle noisemonger/guitar slasher Jack Endino. details>>
Kandi Coded - Time Wasted Is Not Wasted Time - CD
Featuring artist, musician, and all-around timeless snowboarder, Jamie Lynn, and famed musician / producer / engineer, Jack Endinodetails>>