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2/1/2011 WILDILDLIFE's 'Give In To Live' LP Available Now!
Digitally released back in October, Wildildlifemore>>
1/11/2011 Check Out The Stream Of WILDILDLIFE's Live Performance On Seattle's KEXP
...  more>>
1/7/2011 Volcom Brand Jeans Tour 2010 premieres on FUEL TV this Saturday, features music from Tweak Bird and Wildildlife
Volcom Brand Jeans Tour 2010 is an original 30 minute special airing on FUEL TV and featuring tons of...  more>>

Wildildlife - Details - LP
Wildildlife's new album "Details" is packed full of brain-bent mutant sounds from a vast sonic palette. details>>
Wildildlife - Give In To Live - LP
Expansive melodies, epically dirgey sludge, rave ups and a huge heaping helping of good olí brain-bending psychedelia characterize the eight songs on Give In To Live, all while not completely obfuscating the overall hum-ability or pop sensibilities of this wildly experimental rock band. details>>