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Taking the time to discuss forming a second band is one thing, finding the time to actually do it is another. But Jason Shi and Johnny Collins, both members of touring band's ASG and Thunderlip! respectively, have made the time to do just that with the inception of their new band Crusades. With Shi on guitars and vocals and Collins on drums, the two have forged a creative companionship with impressive sonic results.

Writing songs between varying tour schedules and the everyday responsibilities of family life, Crusades are set to release their first 6 song ep "New Year Repeat" via Volcom Entertainment on February 7th. The 6 song ep is an in depth look into their intentions of creating heavy, memorable rock songs, infusing psychedelic sentiments and an air of pop sensability. Although only an ep, "New Year Repeat" listens more like a full length, a triumphant and uplifting rock journey, deep in scope and heavy in element.

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